Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Arrived Safely

Made it just fine to California……

We made it last Thursday, 10/6. It was a great trip, fairly uneventful. I had technical difficulties during the trip with my blackberry. From my blackberry I can email my blog posts. Well, it wasn’t the device that was the problem it was the nationwide service. I think that it works great wherever there is a city, however, in the “middle of nowhere” the cell phone service isn’t quite up to snuff yet.  So, instead I kept a handwritten diary of the trip. It’s still in the car. Once I get everything else together, I’ll grab it and start posting my trip diary.

In recap I can say that we had a great time together. We talked and laughed and seem to be on the same page about everything. We were on the same schedule, in the same rhythm.

When it came time to pull out of the driveway, it was tough leaving. I knew I was going to have all these emotions but they came to the surface then. I knew how much I was going to miss my kids, my friends, my family, my job, and even my house. I have to look at it this way:  In the end, I was going to miss my kids anyway – because the youngest is in college and would be moving out sooner or later – I just thought later is all.  The rest will work itself out. My friends & family will keep in touch and we will talk on the phone all the time, email all the time and even get to visit on occasion. That will be fine, friends find a way to remain friends even over the miles.  And family is family PERIOD!!  I LOVE IT!!

Since we’ve been here, we went to San Francisco. I’ve never been there except to change planes and attend a conference, but I didn’t get to do anything while I was there. Didn’t get to see the city or eat outside of the hotel, etc. Well, he made sure to take me on a drive through the city, and then to Fisherman’s Wharf, ride the cable cars, drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. I took lots of pictures and will get them all posted and write just about our day in San Fran.

I’ve been mostly unpacking and resting.  Going for now.  More later.  

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