Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Getting settled in

Getting settled in

Well, the garage is put together! I’m so glad, now the only thing that I have left to do to be “settled in” is organize my office and rearrange the clothes closets. I’ll finish that tomorrow. Then I’m all set. It’s really great being here. I am so relaxed and happy for once in my life. It’s amazing – me relaxed and happy at the same time! I mean I have been happy most of my life, I wouldn’t accept anything less from myself. I’m optimistic, always looking for the good in people and trying to be positive no matter what sort of shit has happened.

And boy the shit has happened. shitty guys, shitty jobs, shitty bosses, just plain old shit!! But no more! The shit has come to an end. I’m in the relationship that was meant to be. I’m in the relationship that I have always dreamed of and now here it is! I’m loving California, I’m loving being with him. I wouldn’t care where he lived, I would live with him wherever. It’s just that great.

The prices are the grocery store are a little higher here on some things. Like milk - $3.85/gallon. Oranges – bought 4 paid $6. YIKES! Gas $2.93/gal., never went back down like in Ohio. But for other things, I will save money. I won’t have to worry about 50% increase in heating bills because I won’t have the low temps to deal with. I guess everything is relative.

I have a job interview next week. Pray!! I hope to get the job and start working before the end of the month. I would think that would make me only miss one paycheck. That would be sweet!! More on that later.

That’s about it. Hey, if you want to see what Jake’s up to:

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