Saturday, October 15, 2005

All my favorite brands

The brands … it’s surprising!!

It was a day of shopping. We went to Fresno this morning and spent the morning shopping. First we went out to breakfast at IHOP. The food was great and so was the service, however, the waitress called me “honey” and I’m not so sure I like those types of affectionate names from strangers. Then we shopped at Trader Joe’s, Guitar Center, and TJ Maxx. Of course, it was tons of fun, obviously, we love to shop!!

We bought organic food, fruit, natural bread, coffee, lowfat cheese, soy products and lots of healthy items at Trader Joe’s. I saw many of my favorite brands and items from just like the store in Cincinnati. That made me feel at home. ( Then my honey made a purchase at Guitar Center – I simply had fun looking around – until the sales woman called me “ma’am”! Well, she might as well called me “bitch”!!! I’m not OLD enough to be a “MA’AM”!! Needless to say, I put down the music book I was looking at and left the store without making a purchase.

Then we went to TJ Maxx, my favorite store in the world!! I had a return from Cincinnati that I brought with me. A shirt I bought for my honey. While I was making the return, my sweetie was shopping for me! I love this man! He wanted me to try on a leather jacket, just for size. The jacket was beautiful. The he was picking out clothes for me to interview in this week. He has great taste and helped me pick out an Anne Klein black blazer – very nice. This will make a great accompaniment with my brown tweed skirt and black boots, not to mention a great impression. PLUS it is a size 14! Wow! I’m very happy about that.

Then we ran into another blazer, this one is a Ralph Lauren blue tweed, looks great with jeans. Thought it would look good with navy pants, as well. At least I have a couple of nice blazers to wear to work. I don’t suspect I’ll be working in an office too terribly much, but I have to make a good first impression for interviews and meeting clients. I think most of my other clothes are too big. He wants me to find a tailor to take them in, instead of buying new clothes. hmm, a tailor, I’ll have to start looking for one in town.

We bought him a great IZOD shirt. Very nice material, nice feel, great color!! I hope he wears it soon.

Anyway, we had a great time today. Then we got back to Hanford and went to Michael’s then a discount grocery store. At Michael’s we bought yarn and patterns for afghans. He even crochets and makes afghans! How wonderful! I’m so blessed!! His craft abilities are endless!

We were at a discount grocery store today, something like Bigg’s in Cincinnati. A warehouse-type store, buy in bulk or by the singles, multiple name brands, bag your own groceries, save money. So we bought about 2 weeks of groceries and I was blown away. There were P&G products there, but some of them were kind of expensive. Especially TIDE, I think it’s quite more expensive than in Cincinnati. So, if you are living in Cincinnati, take advantage of the fact that you are in P&G heaven!! Although, I did find discount prices on Olay products, that makes me very happy! BUT THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL – I found Kroger products all over the store!! I couldn’t believe it. I kept walking through the store, seeing all the Kroger brands and cracking up!! I even bought my favorite fruit bars!! wow!!

So today I really felt at home! It’s getting easier to be here every day. I miss my girls and my friends, but I don’t miss Reading or Cincinnati. Plus, I have the chance to spend time with my honey and be spoiled. He really enjoyed the day and it was great to come home and spend some time together.

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