Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Things I am going to miss about Cincinnati

Things I am going to miss about Cincinnati:

  • My KIDS!!!  I’m gonna miss my girls!!  I love my girls so much….it’s gonna be so weird to not have them around me all the time.

  • My friends - I love them all! I have so many wonderful friends and they have been so good to me over the years. We’ve really had some fun!!

  • My house – it’s a great house, we had a great life here – so many good times, lots of teenagers here, lots of good cooking.

  • My job – I just love it too! I hope that it works out that I can work there again one of these days!

  • Downtown – I love Cincinnati, the arts, the clubs, the restaurants, the social events, shopping and especially the Carew Tower. I have always loved going to the top and checking out the city from high atop the tower. I try to get down there as often as possible.

  • Festivals – I swear Cincinnati is the city of festivals from late spring through early autumn. Every weekend you can find some kind of music festival, arts festival, food festival and combinations!! I run into so many people I know at these festivals and you can drink draft beer (yuck – but it’s only good at the festival!) eat tons of junk and have lots of fun.

  • Restaurants – Cincinnati has some of the finest restaurants around. There is every ethnic food here so a big variety. I love sushi and there are many great sushi restaurants that my friends and I love. Then there’s Thai, Indian – especially Southern Indian, all sorts of eclectic places, bar food, chicken wings, and don’t forget Skyline – even though I don’t eat there very often any more, it’s still a Cincinnati favorite. I’ll miss Jimmy Gherardi’s “new restaurant” whatever it is, not sure what he’s doing, and I’ll miss all the other great chef’s in the city.

  • Shopping – Actually, I don’t think I’ll miss the shopping. There’s just too much shopping here. There’s a mall in every part of town, there are strip malls with the same stores over and over again all around. There’s no excuse to not be able to find something you want and even more stuff you don’t really want!

  • Church – even though I don’t go every Sunday, I will miss our church. I have been going there off and on for 25 years. I don’t socialize much there and I don’t do anything extra any more, but I do love the message and the people and the place.

  • there’s probably more and as I remember stuff I’ll add it on.

I have lived here for my entire life with an exception here and there where I actually did try to get away. I am looking forward to going to California and make a new life with my old love. It’s going to be fantastic – not because it’s California but because it’s him. He’s so great and even though I’ll miss my home town, I will enjoy making new friends, working and spending time with him. I love him with all my heart.

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