Saturday, October 22, 2005

Interview on Tuesday!

This would be a great job to have!

I have an interview on Tuesday!! I'm really excited about this one. I have already interviewed on the phone while I was still in Cincinnati. That went great, so I've been invited to interview with the President of the company. He's flying in from Pennsylvania, the home office, to interview me and a couple of software engineers for a different position. The office is in Irvine, however, they are ok with me working from home and the client site, then going into the office a couple times a month. So, that's totally cool with me.

It's 250 miles from my house, about 4 1/4 hrs to drive it. To get to Irvine, you have to drive through Los Angeles on I-5. I've been to Irvine earlier in the summer and it's a very beautiful area. Big trees, clean streets, upscale office buildings, very nice.

The company has an interesting product, it's a financial software package, geared to help companies with their P&L, Revenue Recognition, Forecasting, etc. If I'm hired, my responsibilities will be to work mainly with the client, help them define their project details and work with the engineering team to implement their project. It's an end-to-end solution and responsibility. I like that.

I originally spoke with one of the founders of the company and he was very sharp, very nice and thorough on the phone. We had a good interview and now I just need to shine in front of the president. This company is a growth company, office in Pittsburgh (go Steelers!!) and Philadelphia (go Eagles!!) and Irvine. They are considering expansion into more markets. Very nice!!

Well, I am open to advice, things that I should be prepared to answer, like the all dreaded TELL ME YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES - I need to have these answers prepared in advance and am open to suggestions, especially if you've worked with me in the past.......please send! I'm going to go prepared with notes on my projects, methodologies I use, familiarity with finance - Skip and Gerry where are you???? :)

I could use not only your inputs on my strengths and weaknesses, but I can use your prayers. If I get this position, then I can plan for my kids to visit us in December for birthdays and early Christmas. I really miss them and would love to see them NOW!! Plus working will give me something to sink myself into and even though I've loved the "housewife" thing, I'm ready for more.

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