Friday, October 28, 2005

Changes in my life

Changes in my life

Change is good. I’ve been here 3 weeks now. Everything is wonderful between the two of us. We are loving our time together, getting along great. He does so many nice things for me every day. If I say, I like “this thing” or “that thing” or I want “something” then he comes home the next day with whatever I said I liked or wanted. He’s so sweet, he actually listens to me and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! AND SHOCKED. A guy who actually LISTENS!! IT MARVELOUS! Then we do this thing: he gives, I give, he gives, I give, we are both so happy. We are both glad to have each other again. The change is good.

There are some things that are different here. First off, I’ve moved from a market where we had several Gannett newspapers, 5 local TV stations all with their own versions of the news, weather and local programming., tons of local radio stations (mostly owned by Clear Channel) with radio shows that are syndicated nationally. I’ve left a competitive media market. There is no local newspaper, no local TV or radio. If I want to know what’s going on, see the weather or something like that I have to listen to Fresno stations. They rarely mention the town that we live in. It’s like living in a small town in Ohio – like maybe Fayetteville?

My entire life I thought that people in the Midwest really had issues driving. I mean if it rains, watch out! They either crawl on the highway or they drive way too fast. And when it snows………..EEEEEK!! Fender benders galore during rush hour. I know how that goes, I’m still paying with higher insurance premiums for one that wasn’t even my fault.

Anyway, simply put THEY CANNOT DRIVE HERE!! AT ALL!! I mean it, in parking lots I swear people drive incredibly slow. Not even 2 mph. I mean it. It’s amazing, I like to get away from them and get the hell out of the lot. On the street, they are just “dilly dally”, no cares for the speed limit, they just drive as slow as they want to. But on the highway – it’s like 80! They just can’t get it together.

and in the stores – geez, everyone is just slow. I guess I didn’t think of Cincinnati being on a fast track or people hurrying around in Cincinnati, but they do. I suppose there are enough type A individuals there that things go a little faster. But here……………..get the picture!!?!!

One thing I don’t hear living in Hanford, CRIME. I don’t hear about murders, kidnapping, rapes, racial unrest, stuff like that. I heard about all of that all the time in Cincinnati. People here are friendly and seem to get along nicely. Everyone smiles. It’s laid back here, like the driving, that people are just happy people.

And the city is growing. New housing everywhere and the shopping area is really getting built up. I suspect that one of these days, Hanford will be a good size city. Maybe like Mason or West Chester. I wish we were ready to buy a house, but until I sell mine, we’re not. Besides, we have to be married in order to buy a house – my rule, not the bank rule. But that will be soon enough that we’ll be married. (

All in all, it’s good here. It’s a good life, quiet, sunny, warmer here than in Cincinnati right now. No yard work, no leaves to rake, I’m loving it. I wish a couple of things would happen – one is sell my house, the other is find a job. I really wish my house would sell, it would save me so much every month. I will still have to pay a little bit for garbage pick up, a little bit for gas and electric, and of course the house payment…..come ‘on! Someone walk thru it that is interested. please oh please !! And the other is find a job. I hope the job that I interviewed for on Tuesday comes through. I will know by this time on Monday, I suspect…..I hope I hope I hope!!

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