Thursday, October 20, 2005

My time today :)

Kind of wasting time, but it's fun! Well, today seems to be a waste-day. I mean, I'm doing stuff like: laundry, cleaned a little, will cook dinner, am balancing checkbooks, paying bills, looking for and applying online for jobs, emailing my friends and playing on the internet; now, writing in my blog. I mean, it's Thursday, I don't have an interviews lined up, so I might as well, take a day to have fun! Do the stuff I want to do. Geez, I'm a housewife!! Did you ever think that I would like it? I like it so well, I wish we would win the lottery so I wouldn't have to do anything but!! SURPRISE!!

I was looking through some pictures and found this one of my son, Jake and I right before we left on our respective trips. He's in the Nederlands and I'm here in California.
We both left on the same day. We had dinner with a good friend of ours, famous, you might say - Brian, the developer of Check out these homes!! They are absolutely gorgeous and in a great old neighborhood in Cincinnati, historic! They are lovely homes!

Anyway, we went to Ambar in Clifton for dinner before we left. Ambar is one of the best Indian Restaurants that I've ever been to. We had a great time, took pictures, laughed and spent time with our good friend. Wow I really miss him! I miss them both!! My son and my wonderful friend, Brian!!

love you both!! They sure are happy aren't they??

When I go back to Cincy for a visit, we're all gonna have the time of our lives!! It will be great to see each other!!

Well, I'm off for now. I am going to take a walk, then get back to my domestic goddess duties!! hehe!!

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