Monday, October 17, 2005

Working out

Apt Complex has Workout Equipment

Today, I'm going to start a workout routine. If I'm going to work from home, there will be times when I can take my "lunch hour" and go hit the workout room. They have some equipment that I will use and some that I am uncertain. They have steppers, treadmills, stationary bikes - all stuff I would use. Then they have weight machines and I"m not that good with knowing what to do on them, however, I do know what my orthopedist says NOT to do on those machines.

Either way, walking, stepping and riding can be enough for me for now. Of course, I have set a goal to lose some weight and I know the only way it will come off is to work it off.

I must be doing something right if I could by a size 14 blazer this past weekend!! Then yesterday, I tried on all my good work clothes just to see where I am in my weightloss trek. Wow! I have to find a tailor. I have some very expensive clothes and they all need to be shortened - skirts too long - and taken in - make them a bit more form fitting and shapely, not to mention 3 sizes too big in most cases. I'm so proud!!

So, I'm off to listen to my iPod, read my book and walk my ass off!! Or at least tighten it up and walk some of it off :)

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