Thursday, December 30, 2004

more tests.......Cone Compression

'tis a bit unnerving

Now is when my faith in God will really help me through. I know that some things are out of our hands and this situation definitely falls in that category. The Breast Center called my Dr. to tell him to have me come back in for further tests. A Cone Compression test. Sounds serious.

I checked a couple of websites, still looking for a comprehensive breast health site, if you have a good suggestion, NOW would be a good time to share!! I would REALLY APPRECIATED IT. Anyway, it looks like this test if to check the density of my breast. The thing that baffles me is that this is the other side from the earlier report. So, I'm already going to see a surgeon for one side and now more pics on the other side.

One site that I found provided a decision tree with likely results for breast exams.

I found that only 10% have to have further testing, so that's 100 out of every 1000 women tested.

From that, 75% are ok and have to come back in 6 months for regular testing, the other 25% (or 25 women) have a biopsy or some further workups.

Of that 25%, 80% of those getting a biopsy find it's benign (not cancer) and of the positive 20% (only 5 women) 80% (4 women) are in early stage cancer and only 20% (1 woman) are in advanced stage.

So that's gives me hope that the odds are in my favor to end up in the OK category somewhere along the decision tree.

I have faith in God and I really do know that I have to give this to Him and trust that His will be done in my life. I guess, the book that Jake gave me will help me let go of this and give it to God. Speaking of that book, I am going to go read Day #2.

"If you are going through hell, keep going."
--- Sir Winston Churchill

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