Thursday, December 23, 2004

Snow Day

How to enjoy and not get Cabin Fever!

I'm in Cincinnati and we have just been blasted with tons of snow! In my yard, there's at least 12 inches of snow. It's fantastic - beautiful - cold - and is a good reason to stay in and enjoy my family! Christmas shopping is done, presents are wrapped and now we're going to bake cookies, brownies and cakes, watch movies, build a roaring fire and stay warm!!

But I have alot of friends that are living here from India and Pakistan. So to my friends that are not used to having this much snow, here's some activities to enjoy while you are snow-bound!

1. bake, cook, and eat - it's always a good time to try new recipes and cook food ahead then freeze. If you don't have room in your freezer, just put it outside - it's not going to thaw out until next Wednesday :)
2. play cards, board games, computer games, some interactive fun for the entire family.
3. get online and chat, blog, play games. If you have two computers online in your house, then play in the same game, be partners and have fun playing against others.
4. clean the house. I know this doesn't sound like fun, but you can make it fun to get everyone involved. Pick your favorite chore and have a race to see how quick everyone can get their's done.
5. how about watching movies. I'm sure you have some old movies that you haven't watched in a long time. If they were good enough to buy and keep for future viewing, today's a good day to pull them out. Some of our favorites is Grease, Pulp Fiction, Matrix series, Star Wars, Jackie Brown, Friday series and Rush Hour.
6. wrap the Christmas presents that are still in bags. Today's perfect to site in front of a roaring fire, wrap presents, have a little Christmas Cheer!
7. read a book. Gee, something that we don't get enough time to do on a daily basis. There are plenty of books laying around, grab one and enjoy the adventure.
8. Shovel the SNOW! This is very important, especially for us, because it's going to drop down to 0 and below over the next couple of days. The snow will turn to ice, then you will not get out until it start to melt. In our case, that's not until next Wednesday!! As for me, I will need to get to the grocery store before that just to buy some more food for us and the pets PLUS the all necessary toilet paper!!
9. Go sled riding! Take the family and walk close by - enjoy the hills and snow.
10. Build a snow man, heck in our yard there's so much snow you could build a snow family!
11. Call off work. Why go? The roads are not safe, you can't get out of the driveway or off your street. No one will be out, they can't!! There is a LONG list of snow closings here in Cincinnati, including the airport.

But above all, enjoy it! Enjoy the time with your family and taking care of each other. Turn off the Idiot Box and give each other attention! That will be the best Christmas Present EVER! Just spending time and enjoying it.


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