Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year!!

welcome to 2005

It's here....the new year. Out with the old, in with the new! Mine was pretty uneventful, by choice. Rainman was moving and I helped him take some things over to his new place. Then we just stayed in, watched the party on Times Square. It was the 100th Anniversary of New Years Eve celebrations at Times Square. I would have loved to have been there. I think Beka would have loved it too! I missed Dick Clark, but enjoyed Regis and all the messages of good will and better health for Dick Clark. It just seemed like so much fun. The crowd control was excellent, NYPD knows how to work a crowd and still let everyone have fun! There's a 2005 countdown clock on the website! Already thinking of next year!!

So, speaking of next year, I think I would LOVE to plan a trip and surprise my family. Get a hotel room and invite Deb to join us. Go to New York for a couple of days, shop after Christmas sales, drive into Deb's and take the train into the city for a couple of days. Stay all night on the New Year's Eve and then head back to Deb's New Year's Day and then back home. That would be fantastic!! The only drawback would be the chance of taking the trip due to weather. Perhaps flying would be best :) Anyway, I have some time to plan it, but it sure would be fun. Take all the kids. Wow! What a great Christmas Present.

I bought a bottle of German sparkling wine to toast the new year, some healthy but yummy snacks and still haven't opened served either one. Don't know when I will, but the wine is chilled and I'm ready to open it whenever.

A few people have asked me what my resolutions are. That's a tough one because resultions are usually broken within a few weeks. How many years did I resolve to make a change that never happened?! (rhetorical question, of course - every YEAR!!) So this year, I am not going to make any resolutions. I'm going to clean the slate, do my personal inventory (which as you know, I have started months ago). Then I'm going to "refresh and renew my life goals". Some of those are:
  • stick with my diet - but do it better. Get back to journaling, walk the treadmill daily and eat core foods.
  • take care of my health - get these tests done and investigate my choices if I need any therapy or medication.
  • continue to get in touch with my spirituality - understand my relationship with God and continue to read Purpose Driven Life.
  • build my business. Concentrate on my career and the things that are good for me and my family's financial future.

I'm already working on all of these, based on my personal inventory several months ago. I am just going to continue down my current path and beef up where I need to - to achieve these goals. I will trust in God to help me every step of the way.

Well, I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that mine is "uneventful" on the negative and very "eventful" on the positive!! I hope that my kids continue to stay safe and smart! I pray for the tsunami victims' families. I pray that they will have enough supplies, that health concerns will be eliminated with medications and help, that their hearts will be healed and their communities rebuilt to help them put this behind them. There are some great organizations to donate to, just follow this link but be aware that there are really foul people out there that will take advantage of a catastrophy to rip people off, so know where your money is going. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for where you donate your money, I am only providing a link to help you find organizations. You are on your own after that!

We spent New Year's Day moving more stuff, then enjoying some entertainent in the evening. We watched the movie, The Day After Tomorrow. Even though it was unbelievable, it did have some really frightening scenes considering all of the weird weather lately. Especially the earthquakes and the tsunami. Kind of freaked me out.

Today, we're going to move some more of Rainman's things, if he gets up in time (he loves to sleep late) and if the rain holds out. I don't think we'll get much done if it's raining and it's supposed to rain until Thursday. I was hoping that he would have more out of here by now, but it's ok. He's putting things away as we take them and setting up his house. I think that's important too. Have to be organized. Have to be able to do the basics when you move in somewhere. So, he can find his clothes, take a shower, brush his teeth, sleep, watch tv, and organize his bills. He can also cook. So now that all of that is in place, it's time to get the rest over there. Hoping for today.....but realistically knowing that it's gonna be later in the week.

I'm gonna miss him being here everyday, but it's going to be a good "miss". I'll still see him, but I won't have to deal with the things I don't like and neither will he. He has some personal items that he has to get in order and this will definitely allow him to do that without my daily involvement. I will like that part the best. I will get to see if those things are truly as important to him as they are to me. He says that he wants to fix up his place so that I would be comfortable there. That would be nice, I'll see as time goes by what he thinks that means.

Well, I'm off to prepare for a day of football at my house. It's exciting, some good games are on today. Go Bengals! Hard to believe that they are 3 point favorites against the Eagles! Have a great day and a Happy New Year!

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Ben Frankin

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