Thursday, December 09, 2004

The best part.........

community service, best friends and big plans!

I loved my day yesterday. I had all the elements of my favorite things. Working from home, seeing my family, doing community service, spending time with best friends and dreaming big plans!

I got to work from home for a while in the afternoon. I love working at home at my own desk in my office. Especially since I just cleaned it off the other night. It's a comfy space and I feel so relaxed there. I can accomplish so much when I work there. Part of it is because I don't get interrupted working at home. People have to make an effort to call me instead of just walking into my office.

The upside to working from home is that I was able to be there when my son came home from his exams. He was on top of the world! You know that feeling, wrapping up a quarter in college, taking final exams, the stress, the studying and then the relief of taking the last one, feeling like you did well on all of them! Aahhh! Marvelous!! And I was home when my daughter came home from school - which I miss - then she sat down and we chatted for a few minutes. It's time to send in college applications and she's ready to do it. So, next week, we are filling out applications! Wow! She's going to baby!

Then after I finished working, I had an opportunity to be involved with an interview panel to interview high school teachers that are teaching IT tracks in school. This is part of their certification. We have a program in Ohio that encourages high school students to take 2 years of IT coursework in high school and then it leads into 2 years of college to prepare them for working in IT. The program is being run at Taft High School in Cincinnati. It's an inner-city school with a tradition The two teachers that came in were really enthusiastic, knew their space and were seeing big results in their students. The graduation rate has increased since this program has been inacted 4 years ago. The experience gained by interviewing these teachers was very cool. I appreciated being invited to help out.

On top of it, I spent the time at the interview with Sue and then she dropped me off and I met Brian at Watson Brothers. It was a great spending some time with him. We rarely get to see each other. We talked about politics and boy, did he let me have it with both barrels! He kept pounding me about my earlier blog about the election. You see, he's the one that sent me the email that sparked the political blog that just wouldn't end. When he read it, he swore it was a Rush tirade! The fallacy of his accusation is that I can't stand and don't agree with Rush at all. But, he feels I've been brainwashed by conservatives.

The thing that he doesn't quite understand is that as an Independent, I look at all the candidates and make a choice to my conscious at the time. I have voted for Independents, Green Party, Democrats and Republicans. In fact, I've voted republican for president less than democratic. Hey, as I have evolved, my ideals have changed. And perhaps I am becoming more conservative as I am getting older. But really, I don't think that's what it is, I think it's just the present State of the Union and the present leadership needs to finish what they started.

Anyway, the point was that I got to spend some time with my dear friend. We talked about families, relationships, food, drinking and life in general. He's having a Christmas Party in about a week. I'm going to go with Sue. It will be totally fun! I'll post pics when it's over.

As always, I am thankful to have a great day!

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