Monday, December 13, 2004

Interesting contact

lunch meeting

Today was an interesting day so far. I've had the chance to work on a client project that I just love. It's a sizeable project and we have lots of work, planning, estimating, etc to do. So, it's taking up pretty much of our teams time. It's an exciting project, one that I will be ever so proud to showcase.

I also had lunch with someone that works for one of the agency's in town that we partner with on certain projects. It was interesting because sometimes it's a challenge to play together well in the sandbox when there is a competition of sorts going on. So in his coming to me to ask how do we play well together, I suggested realizing that we are not going after their work and they should not go after our work. First of all, they can't compete, they don't do that good of job at our part and they should just do what they do best and be glad that they specialize. :)

We'll see how it goes, it's definitely a collaborative effort, one that works well across other agency's therefore it should work well with them. But it doesn't seem to. They want to much, are too clingy to their work, blah blah blah.

So, he was interested in a partnership of sorts, helping each other out, realizing that they have to get it together or go get new clients. Easier, in my opinion, to get it together.

This afternoon, I'll be finishing up some of my reports, then off to shop for my son. It's his 20th birthday, such a trip! I just can't believe that he IS 20 today. Funny how memories are so real in your mind, isn't it? I mean, here he is 20 and I remember his birth as if it were yesterday and all the years in between just flash through my mind. All the birthday's, basketball games, school events, friends, homework, lunches, dinners, parties, neighbors, smiles, hugs and kisses!! And I'm so blessed, because I still get the hugs and kisses, parties, fun, smiles, and love! Thanks! So tonight, I'm going to cook him something that he REALLY likes - Mexican Lasagne! he's at work, but when he gets home it will be there waiting for him.

I'll write more later about his birthday. We're going out to dinner on Wed. Then it's Beka's birthday on Sat. She's going to be 18! WOW! they are really growing up on me!

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