Sunday, December 26, 2004

uh-oh, it was definitely a "BLONDE MOMENT"!

like how to lose every picture on my camera....

this is a sucky admission and a totally accidental WHOOPS moment. I hated it. I was trying to turn off the flash on my camera, flipped through the menus so fast, didn't pay that close attention and instead of turning off the flash, I formatted the smart card. Can you frickin believe it? I lost about 300 pictures or so! Most of them were from my women's christmas party, the StrategyStyle christmas party at Tropicana's including some great pics from Club Clau, all of our Christmas pictures both at home and at my cousin's, including everyone on Santa's lap. It totally sucks. And for those that were looking forward to seeing the pictures, I'm really sorry. But no one will know how sorry I am because I am pretty good at "beating myself up" for the mistakes I make.


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