Thursday, December 16, 2004

Party Prep

getting ready

Tomorrow night, I am having a group of women over for a Christmas party. I am so looking forward to it and believe it or not, I'm not stressing over this party. Almost everything is ready, although, some of that junk that I have in my house that doesn't belong to me is in the way. I can't help it. The only thing that will be a challenge is where to put the coats. Normally, I would have everyone throw them on my bed, but with his stuff in there, the room isn't that great looking and I didn't clean it because I don't like how messy his stuff is. But, tomorrow, I guess, I should do a quick 10 min clean up before everyone gets here. That way they can use my bed. Don't have a choice. Hope my friend's understand that I can't do anything about his stuff.

Tonight, I'm heading out to buy party supplies and to go to the World's Largest Office Party with Sue. We are going to have a good time and if we hate it, well, we'll go do something else. I know the traffic is bad around town due to shoppers out there, plus there were several wrecks reported on the news. One of the accidents sounded really bad. Kat has to drive through that intersection and I was concerned about her well-being. So, I called to check on her and was totally relieved to hear her voice and that she was ok. :)

More later, after I see what happens tonight.

Oh yea, on the inventory list from earlier - add relationship review. Got to figure it out. What am I doing?

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