Monday, December 27, 2004

On a serious note.......

if you pray, please do so for me :)

Went to the doctor this morning for my annual exam. You know it's never the greatest thing to do anyway, but today was worse than usual. I had my mammogram on Wednesday, results not in, but my Dr. isn't taking any chances. He's concerned about that lump that's been there FOREVER! He wants to be sure that it's really nothing, or that it hasn't changed over the years. Well, I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. I would rather find something sooner than later. Considering that if it is the "c" word, then it's better to get it early on. Statistically speaking, that is.

So, I'll probably be freaking out quite a bit over the next little while, until I have a definitive answer on what it really is. Please bear with me, pray for me and hope it's nothing - just one of those benign things that have been there my whole entire life.

Coincidentally, I started reading the Purpose Driven Life yesterday. It's a 40-day journey to find the answer to the age old questions of "why was I born?" "what is my purpose in life?" The journey includes reading a short chapter daily, reflecting on the scriptures introduced for the day and then journaling a point to ponder. What a better place to journal my 40-day Journey than in my blog. So, bear with me, because I think that over the next months to come, there will be quite a bit of personal, soul-searching, and medical prayers happening here.

In order for the journaling to be successful, it's better to have people to share your thoughts with and to get feedback from others. I totally invite your comments and feedback. I think this will make my journey more meaningful.

Right now, I'm going to my favorite please to eat for lunch The Resturant and see my favorite chef, Chef Jimmy!! I really have missed him and have to much to tell. So, I'm heading over there now. More later, after I have lunch.

Happy vacationing all week!!

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