Tuesday, December 07, 2004

And so, we finally meet!!

work together over two years

Finally! I got to meet the nicest cowboy that I've ever known!! He's one of my colleagues. We've worked together long distance for over two years on one of the most challenging projects in my career. It was a Murphy's Law Project - if it could go wrong, it did!! But he hung in there with me, put up with my demands, and helped me turn it into a great service offering. It just needs more marketing to make it more profitable :)

The point was I finally got to meet Cowboy! He's absolutely terrific! He's a very funny guy, great personality, good trusted friend, excellent conversationalist, Dallas Football Fan, and truly a Cowboy!! He was able to visit our office and spend the day with us in meetings, planning growth for next year and more meetings! But then, the moment we were waiting for arrived! Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football! Are you ready for some football!??! We sure were! We had hot wings, great friends, and dozens of TVs. It just couldn't have been better.

Thanks for such a great time!! Rainman and I don't get out together too often! So it was alot of fun.

"If you are going through hell, keep going."
--- Sir Winston Churchill

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