Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Whirlwind First Week

Whirlwind First Week!!

I LOVE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!! the weather is perfect, the scenery is fantastic – mountains everywhere I look, canyons, lots of green (for now because it’s winter) and houses in the most unlikely places!! It’s been a great first week – just perfect. He makes everything just perfect for me. I don’t think that I expected it to turn out so wonderful!!

First of all, I had lots of interested in my resume and ended up with 6 face-to-face interviews, 3 phone interviews and this week I have 4 face-to-face interviews with a possible 5th. I want to meet with a few more to make a decision, plus I think out here I need to interview quite a few people because there is a lot of job competition.

I made the final cut with Gateway Computers, so I meet with another peer PM and the VP of IT on Friday.

But then on the “soft” side of life, we are having such a nice time. I mean, I have everything put away, organized and we can find everything we need. That’s so terrific considering I had interviews and had time to get it all together.

PLUS, we had time to go out and about over the weekend. He took me to Harbor Island and Shelter Island. We were looking for a specific restaurant, but he couldn’t find it. We’ll try again. Anyway, it was very cool driving around both of them. They are by the San Diego Airport and from those shorelines I could see North Island Naval Airbase where he works. It was so cool because I’ve seen the base from Coronado, which is where the base is located, but I could only see the entrance. But from this view, I could see some of the hangars, some of the buildings – just not his. The base is pretty big considering it shares Coronado with some of the wealthiest residents in southern CA.

Then on Sunday we went to Balboa Park. What a great place! San Diego Zoo, Museums – art, science, history, railroad, botanical gardens, artisans’ shops, lots of green space, a pipe organ that performs and lots more to do and see. We walked around and went to the railroad museum. It was put together by train enthusiasts and clubs. They build scale train scenes and are beautiful. He’s a train enthusiast and wanted me to see the types of tracks and scenes that are built and how much room he’s going to need when we move into a house. He has already bought tons of cars, scenery, track and has some ideas and knowledge on how to do it. He will have such a good time doing this, I’m sure. I’m glad he has interests and hobbies. That leaves time for myself when he gets started on these things.

Anyway, we love spending time together, we go to the grocery store, eat dinner together every night, go to movies, sight see, talk, hold hands, kiss, laugh, love and are so happy we’re together. We love it all!!! We are perfect for each other and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. I know that he feels the same.

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