Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl! Go Steelers!!

Thinking of a few friends today that I would be watching the game with, like Robert - he would be torn who to route for, but I think when it comes down to it, he's choose Pittsburgh; like Sherry - Pittsburgh all the way, my best friend and we'd be a Chequers; Lisa's house - every year she invites everyone over to her "Souper Bowl" party, everyone brings something to drink, a pot of their favorite homemade soup and a snack, it's a blast with tons of great food!; the crowd at Norman's - went there a few years ago, it was too much fun, won money on the boards, so that was fun, plus I know everyone there and it's not that far from my house; then there's Mary and Steve, although I haven't been to their house for a game in a long time, it would be fun since they are such HUGE fans!

I miss my friends, especially on a day like today. But it's ok, I'm happy, I'm on the west coast, gonna watch it with my honey. He's into it, but not as much as I am. But, I've got a few beers, he's gonna fix fried chicken - and his is the BEST, we have a couple of snacks and it will be fun.

Go Pittsburgh!!

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