Saturday, February 11, 2006

job search is coming along

Heavenly Thoughts

This was such an eventful week. I posted my resume on and wow! did it stir up some interest. I've got a few interviews already, 2 in person on 2/20 and 3 this week on the phone. Hope that those turn into face-to-face interviews. I need to decide what type of job I'd like, PM, of course, but could be a BA. But more importantly, I have to decide what I want to do web, finance, telecom? hmmm.

Plus, I only have 2 more days helping out at Lion, so I'll wrap up that project and be ready to move on to Oceanside. We've been packing and have most everything done. I packed 2 big suitcases today and we packed up everything in the garage. There's only a little bit that has to be done, so I'll work on it tomorrow.

We went to see Firewall today. We both enjoyed it, thought it was much better than the reviews. I love Harrison Ford, so I didn't have a problem watching him save his family without selling out his job. Very ethical!! and HOT!!! Wow, for a guy his age he is VERY HOT!!

Well, he's fixing me dinner and I'm relaxing while doing laundry. We are going to miss our washer and dryer. There's no hookup in the new apartment, so we're laundry mat bound. There are laundry rooms in the complex, one not too far from our place, it's just that I haven't had to do the laundry mat thing in 8 years. So, a few changes are ahead, but it's still very exciting.

Hope you have a good weekend. I'll have more to tell later.

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