Thursday, February 23, 2006


Heavenly Thoughts

I'm having a good time learning about opportunities in So. CA. I had face-to-face interviews at Gateway Computer yesterday. It was interesting to hear more about the company from my "could-be" peers and the direction of the company and department from the director. There are some interesting and challenging projects on the horizon, so it's a viable option. The commute isn't that bad, about 45 min without a traffic stop, not sure how long it will take at 5pm.

Today, I'm meeting with a couple of consulting companies. The plus I see about working on a project basis is some flexibility, variety, non-commitment, and more money that makes up for some of the things you give up - like security, possibly some benefits. Maybe that's where I'm at in my life right now. Never know what's going to happen with my honey's health. If he gets an early retirement, then perhaps I want the flexibility to move (again, I know, I know) to Phoenix for the "final destination".

I'll have to listen, compare and decide. At least I have a little time. Gateway isn't deciding until Monday or Tuesday next week, so that will give me time to make a good decision. Prayers and support will help!


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