Saturday, February 04, 2006

my life is BI-POLAR

Bi-Polar, not always a mental disorder

Right now, I would say that my life has been a roller coaster; changing moment to moment. Selling this damn house has been very taxing. I know that normally it’s stressful to buy or sell a house. But trying to do it long distance is even more stressful.  I’ve everything happen. I’ve had a closing date and then no closing date. I’ve had small delays that turned into 2 week delays. I’ve had a buyer that was all set, 100% financed to a buyer that had to scramble to get financing. I’ve had a buy that actually wanted to rent the house, but I feared they didn’t have enough cash to cover and I actually had a nightmare about them living in my house – so I said no., even though I could have used some cash.

Then this past Thursday, I got the best news! Everyone on the Cincinnati side of this deal was so happy. We got the “thumbs up” from the lender with a firm closing date of 2/8. The buyer finally has all of her ducks in a row and everyone was elated. I had requested and received the pay-off for the house and everything that needed to be notarized and faxed was all done. Yes, all my ducks were well in a row and the sale is scheduled to happen.

I have taken care of everything for the house. I had my automatic house payments stopped coming from my checking account. I have had the utilities turned off, the garbage and water has been taken out of my name. The house is cleaned up, the furnishings have been removed. In fact, when the kids removed the bed and a few other items, it was one of the windiest days that they had in town. They were driving it to be stored for a little bit and the wind picked it up out of the truck, broke the ropes and crashed it on the highway!! The mattress got ran over by a car and a truck! The dresser hit the pavement and broke and the computer desk smashed to pieces. Well, that’s how it goes, I guess. At least no one was hurt in the process.

Yes, all my ducks were in a row……………

It’s Thursday and almost time to leave work and I get another thing to be happy about – I got my first full paycheck! Sweet! It was enough to pay all of my monthly bills and my car insurance for the next 6 months. I was so happy about all of it! Elated Elated Elated!!

Then, as I completed my tasks, I decided to take a peak at my Cincinnati money. I left enough in the bank to pay all my house bills. Final bills for water, utilities and whatever might come up. I opened my account information and what did I see???? I was shocked, dismayed and disappointed. My mortgage company took out the Feb payment, even though I had cancelled it on Jan 5th!! I was mortified. it was too late to call and ask what the hell they thought they were doing. So instead I lost a nights sleep worrying about what I was going to do, how would I resolve this? I called them in the morning and that was a total trip. First I was told, “no problem” then I was put through to the person that would “supposedly” fix it who told me “absolutely no refunds, sorry, can’t do it” and continued to tell me that I was responsible, I was the one that fucked up. At which I demanded a supervisor, explained what happened, provided dates, times and names of who I spoke to and what we discussed. I guess she matched the events that I reported to her that happened with the records on her computer screen. She put in an order to have the money put back into my account ASAP – and she escalated it.

To be honest, I didn’t feel that good, and I still don’t know what’s going to happen and when. So in the meantime, my account was over drawn! My account had NEVER been over drawn. I’m so humiliated and embarrassed, I had to call the bank and explain what has happened.

So now I just have to wait………..patiently………….wait for the house to close, wait for the proceeds to be sent to me and wait for the mortgage company to make good on my account. All the while, it’s my money that everyone is messing with. I’ll be glad when it’s all over……

And by the way, I shouldn’t refer to my house as a “damn” house; it’s been a wonderful house for me and my family. We will miss it and the memories. I really didn’t expect to not be living it and living in California. I really expected to live there for sometime now and to keep the memories alive. I will miss it. I believe that the buyer will find it to be just as nice for them.

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