Thursday, February 16, 2006

Professional Mover

Am I ??

I have everything done with a few exceptions. My kitchen is so very small compared to what I had in Ohio but still it took me all day to pack it up and I still have some to finish! Amazing how much stuff can fit into a few cabinets and drawers.

Well, the move is Saturday. I'm getting pretty excited because I have interviews set up already and I hope to have a few more set up by the end of next week. Monday and Wednesday seem to be my big days. I hope to have an offer from some of those!

Wow, just think, we're moving to Southern California!! I know it's going to be expensive, traffic congestion, and I'm sure lots of other negatives, but it's southern California - beautiful weather, sunny days, lots of beaches and I think I'm going to love it!!

I'll report back in after the move and after we get everything set up................:)

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