Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How did the move go???

How did the move go????

well, let's see where do I start?...........we're done, only have some unpacking to do, but to get this far it was tough.

The plan was to drive a U-Haul truck with all of our stuff in it, tow the Corvette with the truck; tow his Toyota with my Toyota. Pack stuff in my car, some in the truck as needed, and a few things in the ‘vette; hire a couple of guys to move the furniture out of the apartment on the 2nd floor and load the truck; leave by 10am to get to Oceanside on time to get the keys to the apartment. Sounds like a good plan.

First of all, the truck we rented was too small!! The guys showed up on time, actually brought an extra person, so we finished on time. They did a good job until the end. They packed the truck really well, boxes to the ceiling, furniture in and nothing moved, except they put the metal bed frames on the top of the pile of furniture. Needless to say, 350 miles later, they slid down into the furniture and scratched just about everything somewhere on it. So our brand new furniture shows the wear and tear of the move. Little scratches and scrapes on just about everything. I guess we’ll call it “personality”!

Oh but back to the truck. It was too small, just by a little. I should have rented the next size up, it just didn't seem like we needed it. But we did :( So my poor honey! We got down here at 7:30 Sat night, emptied out a few things into our garage, but couldn't sleep in our apartment yet, didn't get here in time to sign the lease and pay the rent, so no keys. At least they were nice enough to let us put stuff in the garage. Then we had to unload the cars. We were pretty tired and hungry, so we were off to find a hotel. Just so happened that this weekend over 4000 troops were returning from Iraq, so the hotels were packed, we had a tough time finding one and when we did we had to pay out the ASS!!

My honey had to wake up at 4am, get out the door by 4:30am to drive back to Hanford (5 hrs), rent a trailer, load it with the stuff that we couldn't fit and then drive back down here. It was a 12 hour day for him. I really felt for him. But I had plenty to do while he was driving and taking care of that stuff. I returned the auto transports; signed the lease, paid the rent; started moving stuff into the apartment. You know, we rented the apartment sight unseen. It's nice; it's got all new carpet, floor, cabinets, and paint, very nice. The pool is 20 yards (at the most) from our front door, so that is really good. Our garage is close and we have a carport for the ‘vette, and can see it from our bedroom window. The only problem is the
size of the apartment. We affectionately refer to it as Barbie's Dream House!! It's small, we can't even get all of our furniture into the living room!! I always wanted to be Barbie and be married to Ken, so I guess I get my wish!!!

The good news is our big screen TV is really BIG in here!! hehe!! The other good news is that we organized the garage. I built the shelves for storage and we got everything put away in there that we don't have room for or don't need inside. I haven't quite found everything and and still have to organize the kitchen and spare bedroom, but we have a good bit of it done. Overall, we have decided we're too damn old for this shit!!! But we survived, I'm really sore, I have aches and pains where I didn't even know you could have aches and pains!! A hot tub would help and a massage would do the trick!!

I do have interviews on Wed and Thurs. I'm pretty excited about that. I'll let you know how the job hunt goes. The Wednesday interview is a full time permanent position and Thursdays’ are for consulting positions. I’ll have to decide which I would prefer. I think one of the consulting gigs is only 10 minutes from my house, the other 2 openings are about an hour away. That could be a big deciding factor.

The other good news is that this area is beautiful.........canyons, mountains, seagulls overhead, beach 5 miles away, it's just gorgeous. So we are both happy to be together and to be here, just wish we had the money to hire a company to do this for us. Next time..........

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