Wednesday, November 23, 2005

San Fran weekend

What a great weekend!!

San Jose, San Francisco, Gilroy! Gilroy, you say?!? Where’s that and what’s that about?? Well, Gilroy is a small farming community that is famous for being the “Garlic Capital of the World!!” Chances are the garlic you have in your kitchen was grown and/or processes there. It’s so interesting because it’s a small community with large farms, then out of nowhere is Gilroy Premium Outlets. It’s 145 great stores at a major intersection on Rt. 101 and takes up 3 of the corners right off of the freeway. We had so much fun, going into all sorts of stores, looking around. Some had great prices and fantastic sales. Some were no different than going to Macy’s on a good sale day.

My daughter’s favorite store would be the Timberline outlet store. I have never seen one of those before and the prices were pretty good. If she had been with me, I would have been broke! She would have wanted tons of stuff!

When we move to southern California, we can visit other outlet malls. The Citadel in LA has about 90 stores. There’s not a Timberline outlet store at the Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles. Check out the webcam! You can see I-5 plus the access road to get to the outlet mall. The Carlsbad Premium Outlets is owned by the same management company as Gilroy and will be close to my house. They have about 90 stores, but no Timberline. Poor baby girl! I guess we’ll have to drive to San Jose to shop!!

But before we went shopping, we visited the Winchester House in San Jose. I wrote a little about the house before I went, but now that I’ve been there I can honestly say Sara Winchester was disturbed and had way too much money. Back around the turn of the 19th century she spent $5.5 MM to build, remodel, decorate, etc. the house. She believed that the carpenters had to work around the clock to keep the spirits of the people that were killed by Winchester Rifles away. She thought they killed her family and were going to kill her.

She was very superstitious – 13 was her favorite number and many things in her house were in increments of 13. Her favorite flower was a daisy and a perfect daisy has 13 petals. She loved leaded glass and tiffany stained glass. She had plenty of it and I loved that part. She had over 160 rooms, doors that go no where, windows that don’t go outside, buildings that were hodge-podged together. Really bizarre!! It was fun to tour it and walk through the gardens, see her fountains, beautiful plants imported from all over the world. She had good taste, but it was so inconsistently put together that it became strange.

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