Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gooble Gooble Gooble!!

Yep, that's the theme of today, isn't it? Be thankful for the bounty that we have and then eat up the bounty!! Today was bittersweet. I loved cooking for us. He made dessert, pumpkin pie and fruit salad the night before and this morning when I got up, I started the dressing and turkey. I made the smallest turkey I could find, it was about 15 lbs. I always fix it in a bag, upside down so the juices will run through the breast. This year I did Nick Frohlich's trick he taught me oh so many eons ago - orange juice and whole fresh cranberries, simmer on the stove until the cranberries are cooked and the juice starts to thicken. Then pour the concoction into the turkey. If you are going to cook it in a roasting pan, then baste the turkey with it instead.

Anyway, I put the turkey in the oven, the dressing in the fridge to be cooked a little later, peeled the potatoes and parnips and put them on the stove in cold water. Everything was just waiting patiently for the turkey to finish. I guess by the time I got it all in the oven, etc. it was nearly noon. My plan was to have everything done around 2, so I was pretty much on schedule. We would be able to eat around 2:40 or 3 at this point.

We spent the day together, watching old movies, talking and enjoying each other's company. He played Oddworld for a while and I relaxed, waiting for the busyness to start when the turkey came out of the oven.

The dinner was fabulous!! He complimented my turkey, saying the white meat was not dry - nope, thanks to Nick Frohlich, it was wonderful. He helped me fix a turkey when Tamara was about 1, so 28 years ago!! OH MY!!

Speaking of Tamara, she and Beka cooked their own Thanksgiving Feast. They roasted a turkey, fixed mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dressing, cheese ball, rolls, turtle brownies and enjoyed the day together. They video taped it for Darbi to see. I hope they save it for me. I would love to see it too!

I talked to my cousins, I miss them all. This is where the bittersweet comes in....I miss my family and the dinner, my girls, my son, my friends because I always cook the full dinner for my friends on Friday. But not this year, I'm committed to my new relationship and am cooking for him. But, you know what, my kids did good this year without me. They are growing up whether they want to or not. And it's really okay. They are fine with me and they are fine without me. One of these days, maybe Beka will come to live with us. Probably when we move to Southern California. But until then, she will live her life and learn to be responsible. And I love her, Tamara and Jake.

After dinner, my sweetheart pulled out all of the Christmas decorations and got them ready for the morning. Plus, we spent some time talking with his sister. She is so nice. Her daughter just had a baby at the end of October. So everyone is excited over the blessings that God has bestowed on them.

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