Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Hearst Castle and Morro Bay

The Hearst Castle and Morro Bay (Sat Nov 5)

A few weeks ago, my honey took me out for a day trip. We had the BEST time! We got up early in the morning, had a beautiful morning together as always. We love Saturdays, they are the best. We get to spend time together, no rush to get up out of bed, we get to hang out and cuddle, get to be alone with each other! It’s fantastic! So, we woke up really early and after we spent some time together we took off for the coast.

It was a nice ride, we drove through wine country. At 10 in the morning we stopped at a winery and he was going to buy me some wine to taste, but it was too early for me! I couldn’t believe that I turned it down, but I had too. I have to admit it sure did smell YUMMY!

We kept on our trip and before I knew it we were on the coast. It was beautiful, the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is quite different from the Atlantic. The first thing that I noticed there was no “ocean” smell like on the Atlantic. You know, that fishy smell, the breeze blowing the smell in. Then there were more rocks than sand in the part we were in. But it was absolutely beautiful!!

There were several nice, quaint towns along the way. Mostly tourist towns, few stores, very cute. Then we saw a long, line of Corvettes driving down Highway 1. We continued up Highway 1 and then all of a sudden there we were, up on the hill, the Hearst Castle.

It was magnificent. Very majestic. Very rich!! This is a picture of the pool outside the castle.

We took a tour and it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. He and I walked through this house, held hands and gazed at everything inside. It was wonderful to be there with him. He makes everything special. He makes it fun for me. I love sharing these moments with him. I love sharing all the moments with him. I feel like he really wants to be with me and he really wants to share his life with me. I have never thought that anyone really wanted to be with me. I mean, they were with me, but it didn’t take very long for me to feel like they really didn’t want to be with me. Like they really didn’t want to go do the things I like to do. But it’s different with him. He makes me feel like I’m important, like the things I like to do are fun for him too. I am telling you, it’s like we were always supposed to be together. Like he thinks I am wonderful and wants me to be happy. My happiness is enough for him. It’s crazy!

The tour was wonderful, the house was gorgeous and the company was the best!! They saved the best for last – the indoor pool. I mean it was terrific…real gold inlay in the floor, the pool was huge, had some little alcoves, was 10 feet deep all over, dark blue Italian tiles or marble or something. It was breathtaking. Here's a picture of the pool.

After we went to the castle, we drove south on Highway 1 to Morro Bay. Oh my God, it was just like something out of a movie! I was so overwhelmed. It was not like anything that I have ever seen. Seagulls, sailboats, restaurants, nice beaches, it was very wonderful. I just loved it. We went to a seafood restaurant on the bay. Oh my, the food was out of this world. So delicious, nice atmosphere. He got fish & chips and shrimp cocktail and I got shrimp louie salad and a bowl of clam chowder. It was as if we were in New England. I just loved it.

Here’s something that we do every time we eat out – you know how you get seated in a restaurant and the hostess puts you at the table that could seat 4 but there’s only 2 of you. They generally put each person across from each other, but we like sitting next to each other. We ALWAYS sit like this, from the first mean that we ate together in June at Red Lobster. I love it, we sit next to each other, hold hands, we smile at each other. It’s nice to be with him.

After dinner we walked through the twon. They were having a street fair with booths, selling food, jewelry, fudge, arts & crafts things, clothing and so on! It was only a block long but we enjoyed just walking together, looking at all the booths and holding hands. We bought some fudge, some really exotic kinds. They will last us quite some time. We stayed until sunset. I drove home from the coast, it was a pretty nice drive. Very nice time to be with him.

I love everything about him! All the good and all the bad. We all have good and bad, I don’t think that I could do anything he wouldn’t like either. It’s pretty good you know.

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