Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Bates Motel

The Bates Motel

AKA Motel6 in South San Francisco

After a busy day of driving, sight seeing and shopping, we were getting pretty tired. We still had a drive ahead of us to get to San Francisco. So we decided to grab a quick late lunch and head to our room.

We have simple tastes, so we don’t mind staying in motels. Besides, in San Francisco, just as any other big city, nice hotels in the city don’t include parking. I’ve paid as much as $100/day to park in NYC, about $50 in Chicago and the San Fran parking was about $30, so that’s pretty cheap. But still we decided to stay in a motel and the parking was included. Plus, we decided to stay in So. San Francisco to save a little ca$h. You know, without a second income, it’s a little more challenging!!

I booked this ahead of time on the internet. It allowed us to save some money. But, unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the building or the room except in “propaganda” pictures! Oops, I didn’t mean to say “propaganda”, I meant to say “marketing”. Well, anyway, we arrived after dark, there was no sign so we couldn’t find the motel. We didn’t get very good directions from the website, so I had to call the motel a couple of times. Good thing the man named Victor, was knowledgeable and helped us find the place. Then I checked in, went to the room and OH MY GOD!!

It was so bad, I took pictures!  I’ll post them later. Here’s what we found:
elevator that wasn’t working when he went to get our dinner
HUGE awful STAINS on the carpet.
sink that backed up
tub that backed up
bathroom door that was coming apart
noisy next door neighbors
and for the first time since I’ve been in California – REDNECKS in the lobby & halls!

Wow! it was so bad that I complained to Motel6. Still waiting to hear back. I hope they take me seriously, because it was terrible.

The bed was clean, clean sheets and towels. The bathtub was clean, so we stayed. But wow! it was different!! We stayed, had fun, enjoyed each other. It’s like always, we love being together and love each other so much.

Monday was a big day. So we got lots of rest!

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