Sunday, November 20, 2005


We're heading out today on a roadtrip. When we leave for every roadtrip we always stop at Starbucks to get coffee and muffins. I love that except we have the slowest and worst Starbucks around in Hanford. Here's a picture of it!! Unreal! And remember this is the same store that turned me down to manage it! I was willing to take a HUGE pay cut and work there. This morning we beat the crowd so it was fast!

We're driving to San Francisco to spend the night. We're going to the Winchester house today. It's in San Jose. Now that's an interesting place. Check it out. Its interesting and weird. I mean she inherited millions and spent her whole life building this house because of what a psychic had to say! Gee, the power of bullshit!!!

Then we're heading into San Fran. Check into our hotel then head out into the city. Its gonna be fun.

On the way he stopped and bought me a Bonsai plant - a Japanese Juniper, I think. He's so great. He knows how much I love plants and how many I have away to move out here so he is replacing them. One at a time. So now I have 9 new plants. 2 roses, 2 orchids, 1. bromeliad, 3 philadendrums. (spelling?)

I love him! He's great! He's fun! He's so generous and loving! He loves spoiling me!

So here we are, driving to San Fran, listening to Marty Robbins on the cassette, yep, you read right - Marty Robbins! And we're having FUN!

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