Tuesday, November 29, 2005

had fun working today

It was a blast today, getting out, meeting some people, installing a computer at each site. The first one took the longest, mainly because the employees didn't know anything about the installation, where the computer was, who was getting it. The manager was out of the office so I had to wait for someone to get in that knew the "ins & outs".

I think I was the only "girl" installing because every time I called in there were only guys on the call. The set up was really cool, we just dialed into a conf call number all day long, checked in and out, got help if needed, etc. I didn't really need any help. Just a couple small things. I just followed the directions/script and off I went!

8 hrs., 3 locations and 3 computers later. :) Hope I get to do some more of these. It would be nice to have a "little" more money.

sorry, Deb! Had to talk a little more about being unemployed.

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