Saturday, November 19, 2005

Everything is going great

My best friend pointed out that I have been obsessing on my blog about job hunting, so I apologize for letting it consume me. It is my way to obsess, but I also know that it doesn't help to be that way. So, that's all I'm gonna say about not working.

Life is great here. We have fun, travel all over the state on the weekends, visit cities and sitesee. I just love it. He wants to show me all the things that he has seen over the years of living here. I've been to San Diego a couple of times. Eaten at some great restaurants in San Diego. Visited the Midway Aircraft Carrier at the San Diego Pier/Bay. Saw Imperial Beach, Coronado (wow, what a rich area that is!), North Island Naval Air Base from outside the base. Bought doughnuts and bread from Dudley Bakery - a very famous bakery in the area. A quaint gold rush town, Julian, which is full of gift shops. We bought a few things there including "Mom's Apple Pie", the best Apple Cider I've ever tasted, and some Christmas ornaments. We love Christmas.

We've also been to San Francisco, San Jose, Gilroy and are going back tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to the Winchester House Tour in San Jose. We've been to the Hearst Castle and taken the tour. Then ate dinner at Morro Bay. We've driven through wine country. Been to LA a couple of times, and driven through Hollywood. Didn't stop just yet, have to make some plans to go places there too.

It's all very surreal and he makes it all very special. He's a great guy and I've never been happier.

And thanks, Deb, for pointing out that I've been too focused on what's NOT happening to appreciate what IS happening!!

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