Thursday, February 24, 2005

Surgery Went Well :)

Thank you, God!

I'm home! What an experience today.

Was driving to the hospital, Jake was dropping me off and then going to take an accounting test. When we were approaching the hospital one of my favorite songs came on the radio. This feeling of nervousness came over me, I started swelling up as this fear crept up on me. Fortunately, I was able to quickly compose myself, and go into the Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Once inside, I really didn't know what to expect. Like I didn't know that I would sit in a waiting room for nearly 45 minutes after my arrival, before they would call my name. So I got even more nervous. Sent messages to folks on my Blackberry (new!!!) and then finally went back. I have to admit the 45 min seemed loooooooooooong!

But then, things started moving kind of quick. They registered me, took me back and the ball started rolling. EVERY BODY WAS TOTALLY NICE! Changed my clothes and wore the wonderful, stylish, open-backed hospital gown with the surgical blue "slippers" to cover my socks. Donated the usual urine sample. Wondering how I had any liquid still in me, since I had nothing to eat or drink after I went to bed last night, but SURPRISE!! I DID!!

Here comes the IV stick. She tried my left hand, no luck, squiggly vain :( Then she hit paydirt on my right hand! Numbed it and popped right in. I haven't had an IV in years, but it all came back as I felt the fluid running up my arm, a little colder than my body temperature. I could feel it flow slowly up to my shoulder. Wow!

The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me, gave me some anti-nausia meds, shot something into my IV and reassure me that I am in good hands. Then Dr. Osher came in, I caught myself beaming when he walked in. He gave me some last minute instructions for when I got home later, reassured me that he was ready for me, that everything was going to be ok, all that made me feel better. He's such a nice guy. Sweet, kind, gentle :)

A few minutes later, a nurse came in to get me and I was off and running. It's really a weird feeling to be laying down, slightly drugged and being pushed. it's probably alot what little kids feel like in baby strollers that lie down. It's kind of a vertigo feeling, kind of a floating feeling. I told the nurse and she said that it's definitely a feeling of lack of control. That was a good description, I was at the mercy of her abilities to drive that damn thing!!

Got into the OR and Dr. Osher was in there talking to somebody, I couldn't see who. Then they moved me onto the operating table, got me laying where the anesthesiologist wanted me and they were talking back and forth. I remember being told that I was fine, they would position me and I said hi to the doctor. The next thing I remember was being wheeled to the recovery room, with one of the nurses saying "wake up, Peg. It's all over, it's time to wake up!!!"

I came to, looked at the closed and all this happened between 8:05 am and I woke up about 10:20 am. WOW!! I woke up, felt fine, groggy, thirsty, 'soggy' if you know what I mean. But overall I felt good, all things considered. Within about 15 minutes of getting totally awake. They gave me my clothes, a drink, and I got dressed.

They went out to get Sue, who was kind enough to come out to the hospital and wait for me, then took me home. Sue signed for me to get out and we were given the post-op orders, walked out and homebound. We picked up lunch and Always pads.

She hung out with me for a little while, but by 1 pm, I was ready to go to bed. Sue brought us the most delicious meal -- homemade lasagne that EVERYONE LOVED. While we were eating dinner, the common sound at the table was mmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! It was fantastic! She brought garlic bread, I had made a salad yesterday and she made apple pie. It was the best dinner. THANKS SO MUCH!!

After dinner and I mean right after dinner, Rainman showed up. As a recall, he said on Tuesday, don't worry, I'll be over Thursday afternoon to check on you, pick up more of my stuff, and then come back to help you if you need anything. GEE! afternoon, well, it was afternoon SOMEWHERE!! He got here at 7:30!! Not afternoon in Cincinnati, Ohio! Late afternoon in California, Afternoon in Hawaii. But NOT in Cincinnati. He ate dinner, loved it. We watched The UFO Phenomenon -- seeing is believing, interview by Peter Jennings. Then about 10:30, after that segment was complete, he announced he was leaving and within minutes later, he was gone. Just that quick.

Hey, thanks for reading and checking on me. I'm feeling pretty good, minor cramps, tired, so I'm going to bed. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!

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