Monday, February 28, 2005


It's definitely how we are measured

"They" say you learn something new every day. I don't know who "they" are, but for the most part I find the things "they" say are right. Today I learned an unfortunate lesson. I learned that not every singles one of my friends has integrity or is honest or ethical. Even if you think you know someone and they are nice to you, befriend you, they can be awful to others. It's a disappointment to find out something like this, especially about someone that is considered a good friend.

My Mom wasn't a perfect mom, but she gave it a damn good try. She made sure that I understood that honesty, integrity and ethics were the measure of a person. Our children, our family, our friends, our peers, our management, our underlings, our neighbors, EVERYONE MEASURES US BY OUR INTEGRITY!!

It's the fundamental way of looking in the mirror. How in the world can people look at themselves, knowing that they have compromised their integrity?? I know when I wrong someone, even accidently, I feel terrible. I am and always have been the PEACEMAKER. I consider it a blessing from God. My kids and friends expect this from me. I'm the first one to apologize, I'm the first one to try to make it right. I would NEVER intentionally screw over someone. I definitely don't subscribe to the "screw you" theory in life and frankly, I don't like to be around people that do. They just end up being a disappointment and they screw me. I don't like being screwed.

No matter what, if you have wronged someone, fix it. Don't victimize the victim twice, what a travesty that is!! It's horrible and it's unethical.


PKD said...

"Falling for you was,
Never quite like bleeding,
Your mother said it was,
A new form of weed eating."

-The Troxies

Anonymous said...

People make mistakes, even those with integrity -- but you can measure a true friend by his/her capacity to say, "I'm sorry"....and their commitment to make things right.