Monday, February 21, 2005

Strangely Calm

and relaxed

Today I have been totally under control, relaxed and calm. It's very unusual and weird. I'm getting caught up at work, so that's helping. But I think it goes deeper than that. I feel strangely calm. It's like I've spent time pulling my oldest and dearest friends close to me, kind of like comfort food for some people, I have comfort friends. They have always been there for me, not doing anything overly special, but just knowing that they are there is enough.

Then I found out that 2 of my other friends, Kat and Sue, are making my family food for later this week after I get out of the hospital. That's so nice. When Sue told me today, I was truly touched, overwhelmed. It's so great to have such great friends. Sherry invited me to come with her Thursday night and just go hang out at Steve's. It is totally dependent on how I feel after my surgery, so I'm playing that by ear. But Sue's coming over on Friday to hang out and check on me. It's just so nice.

For those of you that write proposals, here's a good stat for one day: 13 statements of work in one afternoon !! I wrote all of them and got them out the door for internal approval before sending them to the client tomorrow. So how's that??? I think it's pretty damn exciting and very productive work!! Now, I just have to get through my 'To Do' list before end of day on Wednesday.

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