Friday, February 25, 2005

oh my God,

I called Mr. Guitarman

He's an old friend, who happens to be my old boyfriend. We have been friends for 12 years now. He plays lead guitar in a heavy metal band. He's an awesome guitar player. We have tried to be friends from time to time but haven't been able to succeed. Everytime I would EVEN talk to him, he would call me drunk from a bar and wake me up, missing me.

But now that 5 years have gone by, I think he's safe. He's moved on. He's a different person. He understands me. So, he's coming up to watch a movie with me. We're gonna watch The Grudge. I wanted to watch it, but didn't want to watch it alone. So Mr Guitarman is going to come up and hang out and watch the movie. Yeah! It's a good chance to hang out and talk again.

Tell you more later.

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