Sunday, February 27, 2005

Murder Mystery Dinner

Recipe For Murder

Do you ever do this? If you don't know what to expect, do you go into something with low expectations so you're not disappointed? That's what I did today. The most important part of the day was getting to spend some time with my friend from work. We're the management allies and try to help each other out at work. So, this was a fun thing to do with her.

My critique:

The lodge is beautiful. I loved how it was decorated. We were seated by the windows, balcony with a view of the golf course. It has a fireplace and they added a stage for the performance. The room is great and would be a wonderful place for a wedding, in the summer, with the outside seating, balcony, lots of trees, great parking. I can just picture it.

Then there was the food. It was very good. Good service, nice food and a cast of characters. Yes, there were characters that were in the murder mystery. The theme was about chefs competing for a chance to have their own TV show on the Food Network. Everyone there was part of the performance and I mean EVERYONE, including us.

The characters came around the dining room meeting people, passing out different little things, including identities. I was IVANA B BAYOU, Cajun Chef. Hehe! She was Harper Valley Peeteeay, School Nutritionist. Everyone's name was some sort of play off of food names. It was pretty funny, pretty resourceful. During some preliminary meetings and introductions from the stage, one of the chefs was murdered with his partner while demonstrating a new kitchen gadget. Therefore, the basis of the dinner.

All of the theater troupe's characters were funny as could be. I was getting a kick out of them. There were many 'adult' humorous connotations and inuendoes. Some of the audience members really got into it and played along. That made it even funnier.

Overall I would give this experience a good grade, probably a "B".

But at least now, I can say I have experienced a Murder Mystery Dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Saw that show. It's sucks and you have NO taste!