Saturday, September 29, 2007

looking at wedding rings

Could it possibly be that close that it's time to ring shop? I hope so, it's been a long time waiting to get married. We've been waiting for over 2 years now, in fact, I left Cincinnati 2 years ago this weekend to come out to California to get married.

I guess it's worth the wait. We are very deeply in love with each other. We have enough love to see us through because we are happy, we trust each other, we are responsible for ourselves, we complete each other. I like that. He truly is the right person for me. Even on the days that I am not my best and my behavior is not the best - he still loves me - and vice versa.

Our dreams are compatible. Our dreams are the same. We might see things differently on the surface, but deep down we have the same values, morals, ethics, love, and goals. It's great to be with him. It's great to share with him. I love my life, I love my future husband!

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