Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday morning....back to the grind :)

Even though I don't consider my job a "grind" like some people do, I'm still heading to work on the train and wishing I was still in Cincinnati. I miss my kids, friends, family. They really want us to move back and after being there, it would be the smart thing to do. We don't have any support system here - and with Roland's health issues we will need it.

If something happens to him, I'm the only driver in the house now, so it will be all on me. If we were living in Cincinnati it would be totally different. His family, my family, the kids, our friends - we could all drive him if he needed it. Plus, there is a good transportation system for medical support in the area.

It would be an adjustment of sorts: we would end up paying LESS for gas, housing, utilities, food, clothing, taxes - well GEE - WE WOULD PAY LESS FOR EVERYTHING!! What the heck! Our family and friends are watching out for good pieces of property for us to consider buying and as far as everyone is concerned - we are moving back to Cincinnati.

I would have a job either way - would prefer to keep my current job because I really do love it. Don't know how they would feel about it, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
The vacation was great, the time off was needed, the trip was absolutely divine! Funny, we live in 'vacationland' and prefer to go back to the midwest for vacation - my co-workers think I'm nuts! And they are probably right, but not for this reason!

I'm on the train - it actually rained today so I didn't want to drive my car - the traffic is at a standstill anyway but even worse when it rains. These people would be lost if they had to drive
in the snow :) I hope when they go to Big Bear to ski, that I'm not on the roads. I do love the train, I love that I can type/read/listen to music and ride to work. It's so worth it! I was going to try to get there at 7:30 this morning, but I just couldn't make myself get up in time. I guess I am having a tough time getting off of vacation. :)

Thanks for everyone that I got to see for making my trip so much fun and for those that I didn't get to see or talk to, when we move back I'll be sure to see you! Wish me luck making the decisions, getting my company on board and making another cross country move. (THE LAST ONE I HOPE!!)

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