Sunday, September 16, 2007


We are having so much fun on vacation! We're visiting our family and friends and it's fantastic!! We've eaten so much food it's ridiculous!! I wanted Skyline - he wanted Frisch's - I wanted wings (getting that today) - he wanted White Castle (eeeeccckkk!) - we had a cookout at my best friend's house last night, big bonfire, great time - great food, friends, family and laughter. IT WAS GREAT TO SEE MY FRIENDS!! We all had a wonderful time.

One thing about Cincinnati, we have everything that California has (except the beaches and mountains) but as for stores, restaurants, events, football, baseball - there's always a festival, somewhere to go and something to do.

Yesterday, we drove around in our rented red, convertible mustang - we went all over the place, started out in Springdale, hit Winton Woods, NCH, Hartwell, Reading, Amberley, Deer Park, Kenwood, Madiera, Indian Hill, Loveland, Maineville, Landen, Mason, Goshen Township, and ended in Milford. It was so much fun - so many trees, so much green, big beautiful houses, giant yards, perfect weather. I just can't tell you how wonderful it is here.

Don't get me wrong, So Cali is amazing - but it's crowded and expensive. Here it's friendly, open, affordable and wonderful. :) Can you tell I miss it??? hehe

Oh well, we're off to church, going to the Vineyard - totally great church - and then off to watch the Bengals. So, I have to go get ready, more later!!!

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