Saturday, October 06, 2007

Our Dream

It's great to be in a loving relationship where we share the same dream. The Toltecs describe the Dream as our own reality. We make it what we want - sometimes it's a bad life full of misery and other times it's a wonderful life full of love and happiness. Since LOVE and HAPPINESS come from our hearts, we are responsible for which way our dream is going - good or bad.

Our dream comes with the dream to move back to Ohio, now that he's retired. Since we are both from there, we find it to be just as beautiful as people find California. I have to say, after living here for 2 years, my observations and viewpoints are still from an outsider point of view. I see people working 2 and 3 jobs just to pay for a stucco house and a "designer" car. It is definitely the land of "who can out do their neighbors". Which house has the best landscaping, the best car, the most stuff........Geez! Get a life! Not our dream!

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There was a song, when I was a teenager, by the Monkees (ok, don't laugh) called Pleasant Valley Sunday. They talked about all the track houses that look the same (just like in the pic), people washing their cars, cutting their grass - yes, believe it or not people in California USED TO cut their own grass!!!

I like where we live - compared to other places in No San Diego County. But look how close everyone lives - I can lie in bed at night and hear people coughing and one neighbor who has a smokers cough I hear her gagging all night long, I hear people dial their cordless phones - you know the "beep beep beep" of numbers? Yea, I can hear that. I hear the young mother next door yelling at her kids all day long while her marine husband is on base. No wonder they are sooo happy when dad gets home! I hear kids telling their parents good night. I mean it's ridiculous. It's never 100% quiet and it's never 100% dark here.

But we have our dream - our dream to live in Cincinnati again, to return to the place where our family and friends live. And it can't be soon enough for me. Don't get me wrong, it's been great living here, I love the ocean, the mountains, the weather - but the truth is friends are few and far between, I spend at least 12 hrs /day commuting and working. I wake up at 5am and have to go to bed around 9:30 or 10. It seems all I do is work, so we can just live.

And now that he's retired, he helps me so much. I don't have to do the grocery shopping or laundry or even clean the house. He does it so I can come home and spend time with him, and on the weekends, we can just do what we want to. That is soooooooooooooo nice! He even cooks dinner most nights. He and I are living our dream. It's great.

Our dream includes that hope to move back to the land of our roots. Here's an example of a dream house for us. Big yard, pool, hot tub, lots of green, privacy, no coughing neighbors right outside! I hope it happens soon!

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