Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Been out of it

I have been sick since Monday, so haven't felt like posting. Just a cold I guess, but it's made me so tired, sleeping alot, still working as much as I can. So, if I'm not responding to your comments or emails, it's because I'm really trying to rest.

Still training Snicker, in between sleeping and working. He's responding well to the clicker/treat training - positive training. I'm reading a book and been to a class. I have alot to learn, but I'm willing and trying to help him be a well-behaved companion. He has alot to learn and so do I.

The one thing that I wish I could find a place where I could take him to run and run and run. But where I wouldn't have to worry about him running away or getting lost. Maybe when I'm feeling better I'll take him out to the desert or something and find some place for him to have some fun. He needs to get out some energy and get extra exercise.

I've been reading The Dog Whisperer website and he says 45 min of exercise in the morning and 45 min in the afternoon. On the weekends, I can do that, but during the week I've not been able to do that. I guess I have to get up earlier, but that's hard for me. I do get up early, but not up early enough to get out and take him for a long walk! YIKES! I would have to get up around 5am. Too early.......

"The best way to keep children home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant--and let the air out of the tires."

-- Dorothy Parker

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diogenes said...

Get well real soon. And yes, rest, rest, rest.