Monday, April 16, 2007

Another day of job seeking.......

It's been one of those days. I've been on the phone, I've been searching for opportunities and filling out online applications. I spent a little over 2 hrs filling out an application for Homeland Security, Border Patrol in San Diego. I'm certainly qualified for the position I found. It would be something different for me and actually I would enjoy working for them. Perhaps I could help to implement change. It could end up being my life's work and why I was put here. Who knows?

The frustrating part is the application process. I spent all that time filling out the application and that was only one section out of seven. And I saved and saved and saved and saved, periodically. I made sure that I wouldn't lose all my hard work. I logged out and logged back in and NOTHING saved!! I can't believe it. Made me think that maybe I should Project Manage the development of a new application submission project!! Crud!!

But all in all, it's still nice to be home, even though I'm job searching. I spoke with several people today, have recruiters looking for me and even though my interview seemed to go well on Friday, I believe it's wise to continue to seek. No point in thinking I have the other job and waiting around for nothing. Besides, I have this great room in my house that I love to sit and work in.

My sun room. It's perfect. Cozy, sunny, airy, cool, private and allows me to concentrate. It smells wonderful, lots of candles, liquid potpourri, incense, anything that I can find to make it wonderful.

So still job hunting, still wondering where I'll land, what I'll be doing and how soon it will happen. But in the meantime, I know the PERFECT job will come along. Just for me. Someone that will benefit the most from my experience, someone that will value what I can bring to the table, someone that really needs to have their organization improved and managed - THAT'S ME!!

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BB Tan said...

good luck, for ur job seacrh ,hope u can find a good job