Friday, April 14, 2006


I love Fridays!

It's been a long week, lots going on at work and now that I've been here for 6 weeeks, I can honestly say I'm totally entrenched and my plate is full. I'm taking a quick lunch break and eating my yogurt & blueberries for lunch today, writing a quick blurb.

Even though it's been a busy week, I am proud of all the work I accomplished and felt like I contributed to the team. I hope to make an impact on every group that I work with on projects. As a facilitator, it's my responsibility to help them be successful! I see their successes as mine. I guess that's the "good manager" in me.

Beka will be moving out here very soon, so I'm helping with that effort. I'm going to get her boxes out here and help her get a good start on life. I especially want my children to be successful!! I have a vested interest in their success.

So, it seems that the theme today is success. I can finally say that I am successful at love. It's been a long haul, I've tried to be open to different types of guys, but as we all know, that wasn't the way to go. Then when I was finally wising up and not just giving my heart to anyone, who comes back to me!! My true love! I'm so happy. In fact, I've never been so happy before. So I would say this is a HUGE success for me.

Successful in love, in parenting, in my career, I'd say that's pretty good. Now, back on my diet and I'll be successful at that - because I don't like to fail - Then I'll pretty much have it all. :) Wow! It's great to be here right now!!

Have a great weekend. And enjoy your Friday :)

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