Thursday, April 20, 2006

760 KFMB AM - San Diego, CA - Talk Radio

760 KFMB AM - San Diego, CA - Talk Radio

Ok, Rick Roberts, the talk radio show host here in San Diego who often fills in for Michael Savage, blogged this article from March 1st, 2006. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!

Look, living in San Diego, illegal immigration is a REAL issue. I know it's real everywhere, but it's even MORE REAL in California. Afterall, the illegals are everywhere, the tunnels are about 40 miles from my house and it's all eveyrone is talking about.

How do I feel? Well, I knew this was a problem in Cincinnati. There were illegals everywhere, working in the housing construction area, restaurants, factories and so on. And in those cases it wasn't because the business owners couldn't find workers, it was because of the type of American workers that were attracted to that type of work were heavy drinkers, druggies and lower class types, so they missed alot of work. The owners couldn't afford for the laborers to miss work, so better to hire illegals that would show up for work than to hire Americans that were "sluffs".

So now I live here in San Diego and it's totally different. In Ohio, they deported them, here, they hire them, they protest in the streets to give them rights, they risk everything to support these folks and I am not happy about it!


And Rick Roberts only said it better than that!! Please read his blog and do everything you can to get our Country Back!!

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robertrvincent said...

Rick, gotta say I love your program I want my country back too . I've been watching it go to hell in a hand basket for years now.local unions allowing mexican nationals to sign up for work lists in our city now the carpenters union has no work but the out of work list is over 400 all collecting un-employment. also maybe when you get a chance you could send the message ,out to your listeners about the travisties happening to the Ca. dad's in Ca. family courts , my daughter was kidknapped by her mother for 7 years and taken out of state but when she returned the court did nothing to her accept award her 7 years of arearages this sends a fearful message to our children /please help