Wednesday, April 19, 2006

May have to live here FOREVER!!

I could think of worse places :)

We went to a kidney education class last night to learn more about his kidney disease and treatment options. The options are few, but at least he has options. One ties him down pretty much, one just takes diligence to do on your own and the other is a transplant, which we can only hope for since I'm not a donor match - :( But one of the issues they brought up is insurance and once you start on the "treatment" you can't change insurance because you become "uninsurable". So, that really could affect our plans to move to Phoenix for retirement. Somewhere where our money will go further.

So, if he won't be able to leave southern CA, then the sticker shock I wrote about yesterday really will become a reality and fast. I mean, I have to really learn to budget my money, live on less and consider a home based business or something for fun stuff. Living here long-term will mean higher everything: groceries, gas, housing, taxes BUT it also means: no cost for his treatment, it's included in his insurance, he has insurance for life no matter what, possible early medical retirement so he can at least enjoy life, great weather, so we're not stuck in winter at least, mountains, ocean, great places to ride a motorcycle, and we'll have each other.

So all in all, we won't have a ton of money to retire on like I was hoping, I will probably have to work a little longer than I was hoping, I'm praying we'll find a house that we can really afford and I guess let's just hope for the best. We can't control tomorrow, we can plan for it and we are, so we just have to walk through it every day and make the best choices and do our best for each other.

So far, so good. But he's right, we'd rather be out of here when we retire. So maybe it will work out that we can, we'll find out. In the meantime, gotta go to work!

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