Monday, April 10, 2006

Staying in Touch

Heavenly Thoughts

sometimes it's a little difficult to stay in touch with all of my old friends in Cincinnati. I have quite a lot and I find that trying to write individual emails does not work. Especially now that I'm working fulltime and am trying to come home and enjoy some time with my honey.

Some of my other friends send out "newsletters" which could actually work as a good way to keep in touch, except they are so "newsy" and seem impersonal. Then there's the phone and there's just not enough time to call everyone. I would have to have a scheduled day and time to reach everyone and it just wouldn't work with the time zones and all. Besides, I'd be on the phone every morning and every afternoon and I have to work!

So I try to use my blog as a way for my friends to keep up with what I'm doing. I would say it's only interesting to those people and when I find someone reading it that isn't a friend of mine, I wonder what they find so interesting to read.

My blog is not political, although I've considered changing to that format. Realistically, I live in San Diego County, one of the epicenters of the immigration reform argument and more than likely the most affected county. I could write about technology, I work in a cutting-edge technology field and some might find it interesting to read about DRM and so on. I could write about gardening because I have managed to get to continue the gardens even though I only have a patio.

I could write about a host of things - tv shows, talk-radio that I listen to, wine, traffic in So. California, San Diego specifically or movies. But instead I choose to write about my life - as boring as it is to some, it might be interesting to others.

At the same time, I would like to build the readership of my blog. In order to do that, I have to tear myself away from the "personal" and choose something that is very interesting to me to blog about and see if I get any attention.

So here's where you come in.....if there are any "you's". If you read this blog regularly, please comment below. Tell me if you think a personal newsletter would be best to send out to my friends and how often: quarterly, bi-annually, annually AND which topic would best be served by this forum OR keep things the way they are and keep it personal and I'll continue to wonder if anyone is reading this regularly.

thanks for your input................
and in the words of my favorite singer, Ozzy, "I love you all"

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Linda C said...

Peg - I read your blog and I love it for staying in touch. I'm afraid if you start doing a newsletter you won't have as much time to do the blog. You could send a link to your blog on a monthly basis to those you want to stay in touch with with a BRIEF not on the highlights.

Love you - thinking about you and praying for a kidney.

Linda C