Wednesday, March 01, 2006

got my offer!!


I got my phone call today! I was so happy when they called. Actually I would have heard last night, but the recruiter was having computer issues and didn't get the email until late this morning. By the time that I heard the news, I was ready to walk into a meeting. There was one round of negotiations, we both gave a little and met in the middle.

It's certainly not the salary that I expected by moving to California, but it is 2006, not 1998. It's a good salary for the job and it's a raise over what I was making, plus tons of great benefits. I don't have to get on the 5 or the 15, so I don't have to deal with crappy traffic. That's HUGE!! The route I take is similar to driving up Reed Hartman in the morning, some conjestion, but not the interstate. :)

Not to mention there's a great team!! A BRAINIAC TEAM!! They are working really hard to pick and choose people that are "smart" workers, brainiacs, Cream of the Crop! Well, I'm totally flattered. And I will work very hard to show them what I know and how to facilitate organization and change within a team.

They have great office space, nice furniture, I noticed they all have Treo's (God, I really hope to get one of those, I'd trade in my Blackberry and get a regular cell phone for a Treo at work!). They also have good computers, nice monitors, very up-to-date. Their technology is cutting edge, their team is advanced, their team spirit can produce. That's what's most important.

I start on Monday! YIPPEE!!

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