Monday, March 06, 2006

such a beautful day

Heavenly Thoughts

I had the most wonderful weekend, special in every way. We didn't do anything that was overly exciting, but we thoroughly enjoy each other's company and we like to share everything we do together. Now, don't get me wrong, our relationship is not perfect, but it's damn close. I mean, we enjoy each other so much and we understand each other so well, that we just get along no matter what. THAT MAKES EACH DAY SO GREAT!!

I felt for him yesterday. he got up at 2am to go to work. Went to work, was there for a while, then he found out he didn't need to be there. He got back home at 5:30am. Poor guy. When he got up, I heard some noises outside - thug noises - a fairly big group of black guys loud, fighting, yelling, out in our courtyard. I wanted to call the police, but we decided to wait. They were still outside but further up from our apartment when he went to work. It kind of freaked me out, I didn't feel very safe. I just stayed on the couch and watched an old Gene Wilder movie - The Frisco Kid. It's so funny, with Harrison Ford - so young and cute.

Later in the day, we headed out to Poway. He wanted to take me to a wonderful garden center down there. He was on a mission - he was determined to find the redwood flower pots. And I have to admit - he found them and was totally happy. So when we got home, he finished putting together his fuchias and hung them up. He hung a bunch of hooks up for me to hang my plants too.

But I spent the rest of the day filling out paperwork for my first day on the job. I couldn't believe how much there was to read, to fill out and I don't think that I have everything totally filled out evennow. I'll have to finish it in the morning.

So today, we cleaned the house, I finished repotting my plants and we got the patio together. Then went to the grocery store. I know it sounds boring, but it was really fun. We got alot done and enjoyed our time together doing it.

Plus my boy called!! I love when he calls. We didn't get to talk to long, but it was nice to hear from him. He was on his way home from church and I was elbow deep in potting soil :) His girlfriend wanted to talk to me for a minute. She said something to me that I predicted Jake's wife would say to me one day - - - she 'thanked me for raising him so well'. She told me that he's such a gentleman, so thoughtful, so kind, just the way I taught him to be. Just the way I always said - - - one day someone would thank me for the way he turned out and today it happened. I just about fell over!! And to make it even better, her mom got on the phone and said the same thing. I'M SO PROUD OF JAKE!!! Thank you Lord for such a wonderful son, he's such a blessing.

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