Friday, March 24, 2006

You're Going To Hollywood!

Fun in Hollywood! Check out this webcam!! Fortunately while we were there it was much clearer than this and we could see much further than the webcam looks like now. We had sooooooooo much fun! We went to Hollywood and it was a rainy day. Driving through LA is always a challenge, tons of traffic and I took I5 all the way so I could take the 101 and drive thru LA into Hollywood. I wanted Beka to see downtown LA, the traffic, the fun.

By the time we got to Hollywood and settled into our hotel, the weather dried up and it ended up being a perfect day to walk around the Walk of Fame, see Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood sign, Hollywood High School (we loved seeing that), the VERY appropriate Hollywood Rehab Center! and the museums of interest to us: Ripley's Believe It or Not!, Guiness Book of World Records, Hollywood Wax Museum. Plus shopping!! We bought some souveniers for her to take home to the rest of the kids and lots of cute things for her.

While walking down Hollywood Blvd, we were approached and pranked by The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Not sure if they are ever going to show our clip, but one of these days, we might even be on the show in the opening frivalty!! So if you watch Jimmy Kimmel and see us being pranked with vibrating buzzers, shavers and pens, please let me know.

We ate at a pizza place, I wish I knew the name. All I remember is that it has a name and the tag line is 'two guys from italy'. Let me tell you, IT WAS THE BEST PIZZA THAT I'VE EVER HAD, EVEN BETTER THAN IN NY!!! If you visit there, it's on the same side of the street as the wax museum, further east by a couple of blocks. YUMMY!

Our hotel was nice, expensive, but it's Hollywood. The parking was "interesting" to say the least. I'm posting some pictures, see if you can tell what's wrong with the parking lot and how to manuever in it.

One thing that is for certain, you can surely tell that property is at a premium. The strip malls are tight into corners of streets, have 2 floors and limited parking. You are lucky to find a place to park on the street and we did, right by the wax museum, so that was cool, we just kept feeding the meter. About $10 for the whole day. I'd say that was a bargain!

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