Tuesday, March 28, 2006

San Diego

it's great here!!

Well, I came to California to get married. Plain and simple. If he could've left his job and moved to Ohio, then that's what would have happened. But instead, we live here for the time being. So, let's make the best of it!!

And it's getting better, my daughter is going to join us here. She's decided to move here with us. It will give her a chance to get into school, live with us and not paying rent, only taking care of her car expenses and cell phone. Pretty good deal for a college student and a great thing for a Mom!! I'm totally jazzed! There's nothing that will make me happier than having her here with me.

We did take her around and show her San Diego, explained about the way of life here - very outdoors - beach, mountains, surfing, hiking, swimming, hot tub, sun bathing, fun in the sun! Plus how great California colleges are and what it's like having a degree from a CA college. It's a ticket to success no matter where she goes to live.

Whatever helped her decide. I'm happy :)

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